St Tropez can be very expensive but you cannot visit the area without seeing it ! With the 20 minute regular passenger ferries from Ste Maxime you can visit day and night quickly and easily and with the added benefit of avoiding the St Tropez summer traffic as you arrive directly in the old harbour.

You can spend hours walking around the old back streets of St Tropez or sitting on the harbourfront and watching the world go by past by the vast yachts !

The St Tropez Harbourfront

Polynesie Beach Club on the famous Pampelonne beach, St Tropez

St Tropez is still as beautiful as it always was and very unspoiled and the quaint streets have many beautiful shops. Many people think St Tropez is very bling and that is true but it is also a beautiful and protected village and once a street or so back from the front is a relaxing and picturesque place to wander around.

St Tropez Beaches are wonderful - choose from family ones at Pampelonne with beachside restaurants and private beaches such as Polynesie Restaurant or party beaches such as Club 55 or Nikki beach - it is up to you ! There are also many free public beaches in between the paid-for beach clubs with exactly the same views and beaches !

There are so many restaurants in the village that we couldn't list them all here but if you would like recommendations to suit all budgets then please ask us when you book.

If you do choose to drive to St Tropez then parking is very limited but there is a main car park behind the Place des Lices near the centre but visiting by the passenger ferry is most recommended.

Many more photos of the village of St Tropez are shown below :

Ice Skating over Christmas in St Tropez !

Ice Skating over Christmas in St Tropez !

Yes, this photo on the right is really the South of France, St Tropez in fact. Every year the town, like many others in the region transform into Christmas villages with lots of entertainment throughout December and the New Year for young and older alike ! Unfortunately it only snows in the hills occasionally in the South of France near Nice and Cannes. Skating rinks are in many towns including St Tropez and Draguignan.